The FAQs

Our qualifications

We have over 30 combined years of experience in building websites, advertising, brand management, and creating digital marketing campaigns. strategy and digital/traditional design.


Check out our pricing here. We are very transparent about our costs and offerings. We don’t surprise you with extra costs.

Are your sites custom-built?

Your site will be custom built. Every client is different, but we make sure to include all of the necessary pieces for an SEO efficient website.

Can we make changes?

In order to keep on schedule, we allow for 2 rounds of edits. First round is for the major site changes. While the second is usually for the small site tweaks and copy edits.

Who provides the images for my website?

We will do one round of searching for either free or stock photos for you to purchase. Ideally, you will give us recent photos of the team and your location/office to offer a better website experience.

Do you do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Most Definitely. If you decide to sign up for a marketing plan, then we have a systematic process for helping your site ranking and generating leads. We will provide a 6-12 month SEO plan for your site to help you rise in Google rank. We will focus on your local search ranking to make sure to grow local business. Be sure to check out our offerings.

What other services do you provide?

We also provide graphic design, content management, presentation templates, website copy, Google Adwords, and few other custom solutions to round out your marketing strategy.

Can I make changes to my site after we’ve launched?

Not a problem at all. We will handle the small site edits based on your monthly support plan. Anything beyond that, we will charge by the hour.

Can you build an e-commerce site?

Yes, we can plug into your existing e-commerce system for your website. There are plenty of easy plugins that we can integrate into your website for you. If you are needing something more robust, we can create a custom solution for you.

How long does your average website build take?

From start to finish, we average under four weeks. Each week is devoted to an aspect of the process: Week 1: Content gathering. Week 2: First round of website design. Week 3: Second round of website edits. Week 4: Finalize and then launch! 

Who writes the content?

Generally, both of us. We will provide a list of the necessary copy with suggestions on how to highlight your key services and offerings. We can also offer writing services as an additional fee if you would prefer we wrote it.

Who owns the website when it is launched?

Once the website is launched, it is all yours. We will continue to offer support and development as long as you need us. If you want to leave, we will give you all of the files and information we have on your project.

Can I see your other sites?

Sure. Check out our portfolio page to see some of our past projects or sample sites we have designed.

What other marketing do you do?

Oh, let me count the ways. We combine more traditional and modern marketing to develop a whole marketing strategy. Traditional offerings range from billboard ads and other display ads to print ads. Modern offerings range from social media management to local SEO and analytic reports.

Do you handle domain name registration?

Yes, we take care of setting up, transferring, or pointing your domain to your new website.

How do we start?

Our first meetings will be to identify your needs, wants, and desires for your project to define key features. We will need your logo files, any graphics, photos, and copy before we start. If you need help with a new logo, a photoshoot and/or copywriting, we offer these services as well.

Do you design and create new logos?

Definitely. It is an add-on service, but let’s talk to see what it takes to get a company logo and branding materials.

What are your payment options?

Generally we require half as a downpayment to start, and the rest after completion. Unless you are on the monthly plan, which is much simpler terms.

Will my website work on any device and be responsive?

Absolutely. That is the only way we build and design websites. Since most online traffic is done from mobile devices, we make sure that you will look good no matter how people find you.

Can I make edits to my site?

Certainly, Once the site is live, we can walk you through how the backend works. You can make basic changes at your convenience.

Can I see the website while your building it?

Of course. We will show the first draft early on in the process to get your feedback, changes, or any other refinements.