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Grow your small business with a conversion-focused website, a custom marketing campaign, content and social marketing to grow leads. Ideal for law firms, healthcare and start-ups.

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Digital + Traditional Marketing

Building a solid brand presence makes you look professional in all mediums. We believe that a well-rounded marketing strategy incorporating traditional and digital design wins clients. Harnessing the Drip Line™ for the roots of your business.

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Strategy For The Win

Look no further than the complete services to grow your business strategy online and off-line offered by The Lovelace Group.

About Us
Lovelace harnessing the Drip Line™ for small businesses by leveraging our media, marketing and Technology experts. As a small business owner, many important marketing aspects get overlooked because of time, human-power and let’s be honest, money. With our affordable monthly pricing, you’re able to have a tailored marketing strategy without the upfront cost. Nourish the roots and the tree will grow.


Traditional marketing is NOT DEAD, it is just hard to find some of the old school marketers or know where to get the biggest bang for your buck. We know that the traditional models of marketing, billboards and publication ads, are not going anywhere. That is why we combine the “OLD” with the “NEW” in order to make a businesses marketing strategy “WHOLE”. Billboards have been around for over a century and is a 6.1 billion dollar annual industry. We know how to give you a design that will attract your clients eyes, and will help you find a great spot to put it. You may not be able to remember the last time you purchased a local magazine, but I am sure you can remember the last time you saw one in a doctors office, mechanics lobby, or any other place that drains your phone’s battery from boredom.  The Lovelace Group stands apart because we believe in applying a holistic and customized approach to marketing in order to win market share for our clients. We know how to capture the eye to capture sales for you.


With the majority of all searches being performed from a mobile device, you are not even competing in the modern world if you do not have a website or some other online presence. That means two things: you need to have a mobile friendly website with strong SEO, and that there is still about 35% of the population that still depends on “traditional” marketing. Digital Marketing is the new must have in order to find success in any industry. That includes both having a website and making sure that you are being found on the local or national level. A targeted and customized digital presence brings legitimacy to your business. The Lovelace Group services law firms, healthcare and small business to gain market share by applying a holistic and customized approach to marketing. We work with forward-thinking clients who not only want to have a great looking website, but also realize how essential it is to have a website that is highly visible in the search engines on both the local and national level.

We combine the “OLD” with the “NEW” in order to make a businesses marketing strategy “WHOLE”.
Website Design
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Search Engine Optimization
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Traditional Print & Media
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Mobile Friendly Design
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Brand Identity Design
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Billboard Design
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Our History

Formed in 2018 after working together on joint project for the past five years, Lovelace came from this trio of hustlers, vision makers and overall, awesome folks.

With over 30 combined years of experience in web development, advertising, brand strategy and digital/traditional design, we decided it was time to combine talents and form our canopy calling it The Lovelace Group. Why the name, Lovelace Group? We needed an unlikely hero to hang our hats upon as we roll up our sleeves and put in the work. Ada Lovelace was considered to have written the first computer program back in the 1800s. Yes, a woman, was the first programmer—now that is incredible considering she had to wear a dress the entire time. If she could do it against all odds, so can we… without the dress of course. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to see any of us in a dress. You’re welcome.


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